From brainstorming to execution, we take you behind the scenes to get to know everything behind our campaigns. 🎬🎥 Get ready to discover how we transform ideas and inspiration and how we create the campaigns you can then enjoy on our networks.

Don’t think we’re stuck in the past because we specialize in vintage fashion. No no, we’re not. We keep a very close eye on the latest fashion news, we love to watch today’s fashion shows and adapt our pieces to keep up with the latest trends.
After all, as we all know, fashion goes around in circles and this allows us to use our vintage selection to recreate a completely new and original quality that is our answer to current trends.

So let us show you how our vintage selection becomes something completely new and original that responds to today’s trends.

We’re coming up with the hottest trend of the year, the Y2K!
* The Y2K style in fashion is a trend that has recently resurfaced, with an aesthetic that draws inspiration from the fashion and pop culture of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

We couldn’t overlook this trend, as it fits perfectly with the style of our stores and the clothing we offer. So, we will surely come back to explore this trend again and again.

As always when it comes to photo production, we started with inspiration. For this we used the well-known pinterest, which is a mine of inspiration. These are some of the images that guided us during this session.
Some are more general styling and others more focused on specific garments.

The second step was to reflect the inspiration in the actual outfits. Our art director MONICA CIANCIO was responsible for all the styling.

The inspiration included miumiu’s now legendary low rise pleated mini skirt and denim boots. These two trends are now seen everywhere, so we wanted to recreate them too.

Thanks to our atelier we were able to turn a pair of chino pants in the right color into a skirt very similar to the one from miumiu. At first we wanted to recreate the pleats but in the end the idea was to be inspired and not to copy… so, without pleats it has been! but with pockets on the outside and a medium low rise. Let’s say a compromise.

The boots were even easier, doing so much upcycling we always have a lot of textile leftovers, denim too. We found two strips that fit perfectly with the boot we had. Virginia made a little tweak to make them more flared so they can cover the heel and VOILA!
That’s how we got these boots more TOP. In fact you can also do it for yourself….

Take the old jeans that you don’t wear that much anymore and cut them like this so that you have a short and two leg straps. And those strips you have left over, put them on a high boot next time and you’re all set!

For Adrian’s outfit we have chosen the same colors as for Camila, so the production has more harmony and the couple is united by the same style, as a complete collection.

In our opinion, the cargo pants he wears are unisex, they look great on both boys and girls, which is also very popular lately in nonbianry style. The boots he is wearing are quite ragged so we decided to break them up with a cool t-shirt, half transparent / openwork. And here we could leave the theme, but that simple? it’s not our style! So we have carried out one more trend – DADDY LOOK which in fact enters into the same y2k trend, adding to the outfit a lacoste vest (100% wool).

In short, fashion is a form of art and expression that is constantly evolving. Adapting vintage garments to current trends is an interesting way to explore our creativity and personal style while reducing the impact on the environment, so don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new and discover a unique and original style!

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